Covid-19 information – Lomma Camping

For us at Lomma camping & resort, safety and security is always the highest priority for our guests and staff.

At Lomma Camping, we therefore take the current situation with Covid-19 very seriously and we do everything we can to make our guests feel safe during their stay with us.

Lomma Camping & Resort constantly follows and monitors the recommendations from Swedish authorities and experts regarding Covid-19.

The fresh air in nature does us good

At Lomma Camping & Resort there are many opportunities for outdoor activities and the fresh air is healthy for all of us. With us, you can naturally keep a safe distance from each other by mostly staying outdoors.

Leave, freedom and security is what we want to characterize your experience with us at Lomma Camping & Resort.

To stay at Lomma Camping & Resort

With us at Lomma Camping & Resort you will find mostly large camping plots. Whether you come with a caravan, motorhome or tent, you will be able to control and keep your distance from your surroundings. Showing extra consideration in these Corona times is something we take extra care of and urge all our guests. Good neighbors should be feared.
If you choose to spend your stay here in one of our new modern self-catering cottages, it can be good to know that we at Lomma Camping & Resort attach extra importance to disinfecting these thoroughly both before and after each visit.

Thorough and efficient cleaning routines at Lomma Camping

In order for you to feel safe and secure, we have introduced extra cleaning routines at the entire facility. For example, door handles, taps, reception counters and similar fittings / surfaces in all buildings are disinfected extra much during these times.

We help and take care of each other

An underlying idea and nice added value with camping life is the social community and neighborliness that most often occurs at a campsite.

But with that community also comes a responsibility, especially in these times. Therefore, it is important to consider the following thoughtful actions. We must all keep our distance to prevent the spread of infection.

  • If you have symptoms, stay home
  • Remember to wash your hands often
  • Cough and sneeze into the armpit and avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth
  • Spread your hands often, preferably before and after visits to our common rooms

What applies to cancellations at Lomma Camping?

The ordinary cancellation rules apply, but should there be new recommendations from Swedish authorities that affect the booked stay, we will inform about this.